A great piantball site for pictures and links. We will be coming out with a game.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I have all the kinds of paintball stuff that your want or that you looking for someone. I keep this sight up to date so that i can keep the prices of the guns up to date. I do not sell the weapons i just tell you how much they and what kinds there are and how good they are if you are a begginer, worrier, or a expert. I have tons of paintball guns and equipment that you need to become a perfetional or to just have fun you can leave me comments for this site to make it better or what will make you enjoy it. You can make your own block and help begginers at thing by going to www.blogger.com. I havent mad a game yet but i will soon or later so don't rush me because i am no the one making it . It wont be Till JUly or August. It will be a virtual paintball game were you walk around and you can hide behind opsticles and pop out and shoot. You start as a begginer and you work your way up, the better you get the more money you get and the more money the better guns you can get. Check out my site if you like comment me.

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